Transformation Acres Goldendoodles

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Available & Upcoming

 Feel free to contact me at 803-804-8720 if you have questions or would like to get on our waiting list. We are currently accepting deposits for upcoming litters.

*Our puppies are pets only. You MUST send proof of spay/neuter by no later than 18 months of age.

*Please note that breeder has 1st choice on any litter.

  August puppies are here!

 Check below to see what is available and coming soon!


  1. Breeder Pick (Mika female)
  2. London Family (Mika Male)
  3. Clausen Family (Mika Male)
  4. Tobar Family (Mika Male)
  5. Kelly Family (Mika Female)
  6. Palella Family (Mika Female)
  7. Owen Family (Piper Female)
  8. Arturo Family (Gracie Biggest Male)
  9. Centanni Family (Mini Female)
  10. Rhodes Family (Female for Mika or Piper)
  11. Braunstein Family (Mini Female)
  12. Rodriguez Family (Male or Female)
  13. Marcano Family (Mini Male)
  14. Gump Family (Mini Female)
  15. Gonzales Family (Mini Male)
  16. Wahlburg Family (Mini Male)
  17. Stephens Family (Guardian)
  18. Diaz Family (Mini Female)
  19. Maggiore Family (Mini Female)
  20. Fraino Family (Mini Female)
  21. Carruthers Family (Mini Female)
  22. Lang Family (Mini Male)


Our puppies are $3,000-$3,500.

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