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Our Family-Friendly Dogs in Port Charlotte, Florida

Discover why Goldendoodles are the perfect pet by meeting our family-friendly dogs in Port Charlotte, Florida. Goldendoodles offer the agility and trainability of a poodle, combined with the loyal and lovable personality of a Golden Retriever. This combination makes them the perfect choice for families of all sizes and makes them very friendly around other dogs and pets. 

At Transformation Acres Goldendoodles, we genetic test all of our parent dogs.  They are tested for over 150 different genetic disorders and are cleared for them all.   We only have few litters a year, allowing us to find the perfect family for each of our Goldendoodle puppies. So when you are looking for the ideal family pet that is easy to train and will provide love and companionship, then our Goldendoodles are the perfect dog for you.


Meet Quinn

Quinn is our newest girl at T.A.G.  She is a red parti and will be full grown at 8-10 pounds.  She doesn't have a clue that she's tiny so don't tell her when you come to visit.  She really believes she is just as big as the others. :)


Meet Mika

Mika is our newest future mommy.  She is just as sweet as she looks.  She has the best soft curls and excellent coloring that we know will pass on to her puppies.  Mika will be around 25 pounds full grown.

Piper Female

Meet Piper

Piper proves that big personailty comes in small packages.  Piper is a bundle of joy and she always appears to be wearing a smile.  Playing with our children and trips to the beach are some of her favorite activites!  Piper weighs in at 32 pounds. 

Charlie picture

Meet Charlie

This is Miss Charlie and she is our petite mini F1b goldendoodle  She is a bundle of joy.  Charlie loves playing with my children, going on walks by the harbor, or curling up on a cozy lap.  She weighs in at 14 pounds.

Mini Poodle Arlo

Meet Arlo

Arlo is our CKC registered mini poodle.  He has such a sweet diposition and is so gentle with our children.  There is never a dull moment with this sweet boy around.  He is 14 pounds.


Meet Hazel

Hazel is as sweet as they come! She will be full grown around 35 pounds and we are super excited to see the beautiful markings she will add to our babies!! We also love her beautiful green eyes.


Meet Gracie

This sweet girl lives with her guardian family and lives life to the fullest!! She spends her day with her big brother, Moose, and her mom. Gracie is a red and white tuxedo and we all think she is the prettiest girl ever!! She should be around 40 pounds full grown.


Meet Luna

Miss Luna lives with her guardian family and is loving life with her humans. She enjoys playing with her human brother and sister and loves swimming and going on long walks. Luna will be around 25 pounds full grown!! We are so excited to have Luna as a part of our T.A.G family! We kept this sweet girl back from Piper and Arlo so she is our first puppy to be bred and raised from our own dogs alongside our family!!


Meet Dakota

"Kota" is a Golden Aussiedoodle and we are so in love with her. She has beautiful markings and the softest coat.  She lives with her amazing guardian mom and enjoys a life of playing with her best friend, Brandy, who is a goldendoodle from a previous litter.  We are excited to introduce golden aussiedoodles to our program!!