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Puppies In a Basket, Puppy In a Bucket

About Us

Here at T.A.G., we raise our animals in a clean and healthy environment. As stewards of God's creations, our goal is to have happy and healthy animals. All of our puppies are raised alongside our family!  We first started breeding our dogs in North Carolina and became well known there.  We have recently relocated and call Florida home now!  We are very small and only have a few litters a year in order to raise the healthiest and most socialized puppies around.  All of our parent dogs are first and foremost our pets, and that comes first.  We breed specifically for health, temperament, and of course, that sweet "doodle" look.

Our puppies are born and raised in our homes. The parents are our pets and a part of our family. If you're interested in one of our puppies or wish to learn more about T.A.G., please feel free to contact us today.

The Family

A Lifetime of Love

Our puppies are always loved by our family even once they go home with their new parents. We offer lifetime support and will always be here for you with any questions or concerns after the sale. Please give us the first right to refusal — we never want any of our babies to end up in a shelter.

Why We Chose Goldendoodles 

We chose to raise Goldendoodles because we love dogs, and we also have mild allergies. The perfect combination for us is the Goldendoodle! They make the perfect "man's best friend," as their low to non-shedding coat is perfect for allergy sufferers. They are as loyal as a golden retriever and as smart and athletic as a poodle. They have become the perfect addition to our family, and we know you'll love them too.